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The Order is based upon the principles of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity.
 The Order intends to unite in one organization all those of Italian birth or descent having requisites stated in the bylaws. The Order respects the religious, and political opinions of its members but requires that they do not profess any doctrines tending to disrupt the existing social order by unlawful means.

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The Emilia Sammartino Lodge is a proud member of the  Order Son's Of Italy in America

The Emilia Sammartino  Lodge is dedicated to the strength, preservance and memory of Emilia Sammartino. May her life and story be a symbol of the many Italian men and women who, by the work of their hearts and hands built a proud and enduring way of life in Italy, and forged the foundation for a new life and promising future for their children here in America.
Our mission is to maintain and continue the heritage, traditions and example set forth by Emilia Sammartino and our ancestors she represents.
The Emilia Sammartino Lodge OSIA # 2831 has as its purpose:
1. To support the purposes of the National OSIA (as articulated in its mission statement)
2. To promote enrollment and active participation in The Emilia Sammartino Lodge OSIA # 2831 of all persons of Italian birth or descent and all others as prescribed in Article 1 of the General Laws
3. To initiate and/or promote activities, events and education programs that preserve Italian culture, heritage and legacy
4. To serve as a voice of support for Federal, State and Local legislation that benefits the membership and the larger Italian American community by encouraging active participation in the
political, social, and civic life of our communities
5. To provide the membership of The Emilia Sammartino Lodge OSIA # 2831 with:
a. A gathering spot for sharing Italian heritage, customs and culture
b. A sanctuary in which mutual respect, camaraderie, interdependence and good-will are fostered and sanctioned
c. A place in which opportunities for learning, self-development, the pursuit of personal interests and the exchange of ideas are actively encouraged and supported.