The dues schedule for 2019 is below The   Regular membership dues for the Emilia Sammartino Lodge  for 2019  Children 0-11  $10 -11-17- $15- 18-22 (Student) $25 student  membership Members 17-74 $45 spouse $25 ( member pays $45) ,75+- $25 cost of membership.

Dues should be paid by February 20,2019

Mail Checks to: Emilia Sammartino Lodg9

Andrea Pomponi, 1515 Elm Street, Greensburg, PA 15601

Membership To be eligible for full membership, one must have been born  in Italy or be a descendent, spouse or adopted individual of Italian lineage. However, those not of Italian descent who  want to join in our  social activities can apply for Social Membership at the Emilia Sammartino Lodge # 2831.  Members receive: Italian American magazine- a free quarterly of cultural magazine for people of Italian heritage. Sons of Italy Times newspaper- a free monthly newspaper with Pennsylvania lodge updates and columns about and for Italian Americans. Members access to OSIA. org- the national Web site full of information about issues, programs, reports and research  important to Italian Americans. You will find discounts on specialty items and services of interest  to Italian Americans, including genealogy research, travel, Italian Language instruction and more. Information on special programs of travel and study to Italy. Resources for tracing one's roots and family history. Eligibility for OSIA scholarships and participation in OSIA youth programs. Insurance benefits- members under the age of 55 receive low cost life insurance by the Benefit Insurance Fund.                           Those wishing to join the Emilia Sammartino Lodge # 2831 are   invitied to attend our monthly meetings  on the last Wednesday of the month at Rizzo's Malabar Inn, in Crabtree, PA or  request an application to Maria Martin,:  or our club secretary at P.O. Box 391, Greensburg, PA. 15601 or by email  Andrea Pomponi Membership Application If you are interested in becoming a member please  print  the application form below or contact the Lodge  at :  Emilia Sammartino Lodge #2831,PO Box391, Greensburg,PA 15601 or email to: Andrea Pomponi at: or email  to:    

Membership Information.

2019 Membership Dues Schedule

​Dues to be paid by February 20,2019